“Young Girl’s Unforgettable Fishing Trip: A Life Jacket for Her Pound Puppy”

Remembering a fishing trip from her childhood, a waitress at a local restaurant shared a touching story. As a young girl, she accompanied her father on a deep-sea fishing adventure, bringing along her beloved Pound Puppy. She took her Pound Puppy everywhere!  Her father insisted that she wear a life jacket. She didn’t want to but did what her father told her to do.  But the kicker of the story is this.  To her father’s surprise, when he turned around, he discovered that she had tucked her cherished Pound Puppy inside the life jacket with her. It was bulging out from the top and all he could see was the Pound Puppies head over his daughters.  He wanted to laugh but gently explained that her Pound Puppy didn’t need a life jacket, it was just a toy.  She was indignant and responded to her father, “If I have to be saved, so does my Pound Puppy.”  I laughed at her memory and thanked her for sharing it.  Then I thought, “Do we need to make a life jacket for the Pound Puppies?”  My mind never stops thinking about the next toy adventure!