What Do I Wish For The World?

What do I wish for the world?

My greatest wish is for every child in the world to experience the joy of being a child in its purest form.  We only get to be a child once so it should be filled with wonder, imagination and love. One day shortly after the introduction of Pound Puppies, I was at a bustling Toys “R” Us store in Washington, DC.  Excitement escalated as the local news crew arrived to capture the magic of the event. It was my honor to stand beside the display of Pound Puppies, waiting to witness the joy they would bring to the children.


As the children approached the display, their eyes sparkled with happiness. I was just as excited as the children were! I noticed a sweet little girl carefully selecting her Pound Puppy. With a gentle smile, she cradled the soft plush in her arms and confidently declared, “I’m going to name her Susie,” drawing inspiration from the pup’s gentle nature, just like her own. Beside her, a mischievous boy, the son of the Toys “R” Us manager, stood eagerly waiting for his turn to choose. Known for his rambunctious nature, he caused a bit of a stir among the other children. Finally, it was his chance, and with a mischievous grin, he grabbed a Pound Puppy and thrust it in my face.  “This one’s name is Spike,” he declared, the name echoing his own spirited personality!


In that very moment, something profound happened. I realized the simplicity and purity of the concept of Pound Puppies. Pound Puppies had become the first truly unisex toy, capturing the hearts of both boys and girls in equal measure. It was a testament to the universal power of imagination and play that transcended gender stereotypes.


As the promotional event came to an end, a news crew cameraman approached me and said, “Do you know what I love about Pound Puppies?” The batteries in Pound Puppies are a child’s imagination.” These words ignited a fire within me and I knew my goals, as a toymaker would be to create toys that would ignite the flame of imagination within every child.


I wanted to make imagination come alive in children and I was determined to make my creations different.  Throughout my career I have poured my heart and soul into inventing toys that would encourage children to create their own stories and to embark on imaginative adventures limited only by their dreams.


Pound Puppies became a worldwide phenomenon and are still on the shelves today in the retro aisles of most retail stores that sell toys.  My other inventions are still being used by children and more inventions are on the drawing board as I, myself, use my imagination to bring fun to children’s play.


I wish for playtime to be transformed into a cherished and treasured part of every child’s life and their imaginations unleashed as they prepare to become grown-ups in that big world out there. Thanks to imagination, I’ve lived a wonderful life.


I wish that for all the boys and girls of this magical world we live in.