The magical times with our “Snow Dog”

It was a magical moment, when I stumbled upon that old picture amidst the papers and photographs of my past. As I gazed at the faded image of my younger self standing beside my brother Bobby, a rush of sweet memories flooded my mind. We were just little boys back then, brimming with innocence and imagination, and we were full of magic yet unleashed.

The snow-covered landscape had inspired us to create something very different than our neighbors were putting together.  We decided to make a snow dog. It was indeed different and the neighbors laughed at our silliness.

I sat there and wondered why we choose a dog instead of a snowman.  Were we just being silly?  Were we rebels against snowmen?  I couldn’t remember why we did that and the photograph itself seemed to have something magic about it.

My brother Bobby is in heaven.  I miss him so much.  I held that precious photograph in my hands and felt Bobby there with me.  I felt a sense of magic speaking also.  Was the magic telling me, “Look Mike, your destiny was there when you were a young boy.  You weren’t being silly – you had a dog within you!  A snow dog!!  A snow dog as a young boy and now a life of Pound Puppies and other toys as a grown up was always your destiny.”  How could I miss that?  It was right there in that black and white photograph from many years ago.

And then I realized that we all have our destiny within us!  Some of us unleash the magic by building a snow dog and some of us build snowmen all our lives.

The innocent dreams of a young boy, intertwined with the twists and turns of fate, led me to a path I never could have imagined. It was a journey filled with love, passion, and unwavering belief—a journey that transformed me into the creator of one of the world’s most cherished toys, a journey that generated love for children around the world.

What is your destiny?  If you don’t know, reflect on those memories of your past and see if you can find it.   You may let loose the seeds for an extraordinary adventure, waiting to bloom into a beautiful legacy.

Pursing your destiny is the magic potion to a successful, happy life.