Pound Puppy Flies Fighter Missions

In our condo complex, I had a touching conversation with a fellow resident.  She shared a heartwarming story about her son, a Navy pilot who flies fighter planes. She proudly shared this sweet story.   During the Kuwait war missions, her son had a special companion that he took with him from home—a Pound Puppy he cherished and loved since childhood.  She explained that the plush toy had been his loyal buddy throughout his formative years, accompanying him everywhere he went. When he became a pilot, he took his loyal buddy with him for good luck and placed his beloved Pound Puppy under his seat to give him good luck during some really intense missions.  Her son made it home safe and sound and so did his Pound Puppy.  This story got to me as I envisioned that brave American pilot and his Pound Puppy companion fighting for our freedoms.  I am so thankful for our military and this one was a tearjerker for me.