An ode’ to Louie

Our Silent Bond: Louie’s Journey from Neglect to Love


Three and a half years ago, our lives took an unexpected turn when a friend of ours daughter told us about her 9-year-old deaf French bulldog desperately in need of a loving home. She was relocating abroad and had struggled to find someone willing to adopt him. No one wanted a 9-year-old deaf dog! But when Charlotte and I met Louie, a connection sparked immediately within both of us. I think it was because I wear hearing aids, which meant Louie and I had a lot in common.


When we welcomed Louie into our home, our friend’s daughter, Leighanne, gave us her original adoption papers and records. It was through these papers that we discovered the depth of his past suffering. As we delved into his history, we found a file from the Dallas ASPCA with the haunting word “SEIZED” emblazoned across the front. Our hearts sank as we read the details of the neglect and abuse Louie had endured for the first 4 years of his life.


It was easy to figure out that prior to Louie being rescued by the ASPCA, his previous owners had not provided any proper care and mostly neglected him in his early years. When the ASPCA rescued Louie, he weighed a mere 20 pounds, far below the 30-pound healthy weight for a dog of his breed. His body was covered in painful sores, and most of his fur was gone. Many of his teeth were missing, and his ears were inflamed and compacted with debris. It took the vets 4 months just to get Louie healthy enough to be adopted.


That’s when Leighanne stepped in and adopted Louie. Within a year, she found out he was deaf because he never responded to voices. It was probably caused by the condition of his ears when he was rescued. Despite all the abuse, however, Louie still trusted humans. Leighanne then gave him 5 years of love before we stepped in and took over.


These past few years, we’ve smothered Louie with our love and care and created a new life for him with his four-legged sister, Bella. We spent a good deal of time with our local vet, UF Vet Hospital, and ER Vet offices for a variety of different issues he had. Even with medical bills, surgeries, and making his special homemade foods, Louie stole our hearts! He became the most loving and compassionate dog we had ever known. His gentle nature softened the hearts of everyone he met, and his resilience in the face of adversity inspired us each day.


He did have one trait that was stinky indeed!  He was well-known for clearing a room in 30 seconds with passing gas! We kept air freshner nearby at home and in the office to clear the “Louie air!”


My most treasured moments were with Louie sleeping next to my desk, snoring loudly and being by my side as I worked on new toy projects, writing my first book, and creating lyrics to new songs. His peaceful snoring inspired me and was a calming effect in the creativity process. He never wanted to be alone, so he would lay down on one of your feet, so he could tell when you were getting up to go somewhere. He hated to wake up and find you gone.


On April 15th, we celebrated Louie’s twelfth birthday. But just three days later, we had to say our heartbreaking goodbyes as he passed over the rainbow bridge. Louie’s leaving has left a void in our daily lives because he was the center of it for three years. We do find solace in the fact that we were able to give him the love and happiness he so deserved during his final years.


Despite enduring unimaginable pain, Louie never lost faith in humans. His story has taught us how important it is to give second chances to our furry friends and that love can heal, sometimes even severe wounds. Louie will forever be remembered as a symbol of love and forgiveness, reminding us to cherish and protect the voiceless four-legged companions who bring so much joy to our lives.


Rest in peace, Louie. Thanks for letting us love you as much as you loved us.