A Fathers 4-Hour Drive to Reunite Tearful Daughter with Her Beloved Pound Puppy

During a family vacation in California, a close friend found himself adding an unexpected detour to their journey home. As they were driving, his daughter suddenly realized she had left her beloved Pound Puppy behind in the hotel room. She cried and begged her dad to go back but it would mean a 4-hour turnaround and he was already exhausted from the trip.  Despite suggesting a quick replacement at a local toy store on the interstate ahead, she would have nothing to do with that idea.  She tearfully insisted, “NO, that’s MY Pound Puppy! I can’t leave it. You can’t replace him!” She became inconsolable so my friend turned around, drove 4 hours and retrieved her precious Pound Puppy.  He told me, “You cost me a ton of driving time but that Pound Puppy made my daughter happy so I forgive you!”